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This wolf light box is a gorgeous decoration! The included LED light displays 16 different colors, each giving off a beautiful bright glow. 

The design is my own and has been laser cut into 1/8 inch Baltic Birch which has been sanded, stained and finished by hand. The inside of the box is lined with frosted acrylic to diffuse the light and give a nice glow. Each box measures 4" x 4" x 4", and opens from the top. 

Included with purchase:

1 wood lantern
1 LED light (Batteries NOT included)
1 remote control (Battery included)

The included LED light runs on 3 AAA batteries (NOT included). Battery life is 8-12 hours.
Light can be set to hold on a specific color, or to flash or fade between all 16 different hues.
Strobe mode works with top and bottom color rows only. 

* Flashing red lights mean that the batteries need to be replaced.

* PLEASE DO NOT USE REAL CANDLES! Lanterns are made from flammable materials, thus, real flame candles are NOT recommended. 

Due to variations in wood grain and stain application, each lantern will appear slightly different from the one shown. 


Howling Wolf Wood LED Lantern

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